to the first ever Beers with Ben, where we talk all things DC and Real Estate! I'll be covering everything from contracts and contingencies to where to get the best cup of coffee or where to go for the best happy hours.

This week, I wanted to start with an important topic: finding an agent.

The spring market is picking up and DC is already a competitive real estate market. It's important to find the right agent to help you achieve your real estate goals!

            For Buyers: What does a good agent look like?

Washington, DC is a competitive market (You might be saying, "Duh!"). That means it is important to find an agent who is proactive in your home search and isn't just going to set you up on an MLS search alone. Good agents in DC know they need to go out and find something BEFORE it comes on the market. This gives buyers a chance to not deal with the competition that usually comes with buying the DC market and could actually get them a better deal.

When looking for an agent to help you buy a house, ask:

1. How many homes have you/your team sold in the past year?

2. What will you do to help me find my new home?

3. What differentiates you from other agents?

A common response from agents: That's a good question.

For Sellers: What does a good Listing Agent look like?

Just because DC is known as a Sellers Market (Blog post on Seller's Market vs. Buyer's Market coming soon!) doesn't necessarily mean your home will automatically sell higher than list price or go under contract in 2 days. It is important to, once again, to find an agent who will be proactively trying to sell your home.

Most agents do the 3 P's of real estate. They 1.) place a sign in the yard, 2.) put it in the Multiple Listing Service, and 3.) pray someone else sells it. We, at the Jason Martin Group, do a 4th P: we proactively look for buyers for our sellers.

When looking for a listing agent, ask:

1. How many homes have you/your team sold in the past year?

2. What will you do to sell my home?

3. What differentiates you from other listing agents?

Wondering what we do for our clients at the Jason Martin Group? Give me a call at 717-476-4332.