Let's Go Ahead and Say Market Slow Down is a Myth 

(In other words, clients galore!) 

I've spent time out in the car from morning till evening in the past 24 hours with clients seeing places in Penn Quarter, Trinidad, Hill East, North Cleveland Park, Rockville, spots with a view of Union Station ... and I'll say, I'm not sure who's slowing down because there are some awesome spots to still pop into even this late in the year.  Now, there might be less inventory out there... so we're seeing stuff that's been sitting there for a long while get snapped up, and gorgeous properties pop right off the market.  

I had a client want to see something today and by the time we got there, the house had gone under contract within the hour.  Now, you tell me that it's gone "cold" -- no way, Jose! Think that's crazy?  I can't argue but accepting how quickly you have to move is the first emotional step you'll have to take as a buyer in DC.  

Now About those As-Is Properties... 

When putting in a contract, there is a contingency (aka a way to get out of the contract) called the Home Inspection Contingency.  As-Is properties don't allow you to use that contingency and basically offer the home just as you see it, without any opportunity to request changes or ask for seller credits to pay for fixes to the home.  This happens when a seller is unable or unwilling to make those changes.  The home is then offered "As-Is" -- take it or leave it.  I've got clients putting in an offer this weekend on one of these homes; it's not for everyone and there are options -- my Latte Vid is all about it: 

Picks of the Week

I've been in some lovely places in the past couple of days... so I thought I'd share the cream of the crop!  Here's some hand-picked places for you to check out.  Want to see inside them?  Give me a quick ring... you know you can call Ghostbusters!  

Downtown Cozy & Close to Everything (and where I hosted Lattes today!) 

701 PENNSYLVANIA AVE NW #1007, Washington, District of Columbia 20004 | Jason Martin Group

Stylish and affordable JR 1-bedroom condo in the prestigious Residences at Market Square i...

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Pristine & Modern in the Heart of DC  

631 D ST NW #1229, Washington, District of Columbia 20004 | Jason Martin Group

An exquisite 1-bedroom in the heart of DC. This contemporary, bright and completely renova...

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Total Wow Off Reno Road 

3314 PORTER ST NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20008 | Jason Martin Group

Great Value**200K improvement**Approach from 34th St heading north & park in one of th...

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 Top Floor with Lots of Light in Hill East

401 15TH ST SE #402, Washington, District of Columbia 20003 | Jason Martin Group

Enjoy top-floor living, luxury finishes, 12 ft ceilings & a private balcony off of the...

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